Software Engineer – Control and Sensing

Do you have a hacker mentality? Do you reverse engineer antiquated software and update them to highly functional solutions just for fun? Are you excited by the idea of creating elegant software solutions for high-tech hardware? If so, we want you as part of our engineering team.

At CATALOG, we are building an engineering team of makers, creators, and innovators to design, prototype, and build a first of its kind, DNA storage and computation platform. As a control and sensing software engineer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and deploying software systems for our devices. As an early member of the engineering team, you should thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, contributing to innovative solutions while demonstrating technical competence and attention to detail.

What you want:

  • Constantly challenged to think of novel solutions to complex problems
  • Be a part of a diverse and inclusive work family – one that you never thought you’d have
  • Continually learn as part of your job
  • Creative freedom to solve a dynamic set of difficult problems

What you’ll be doing:

  • Defining and developing control software requirements, architectures, algorithms, and designs
  • Implementing designs in C, C++ for real-time control and sensor processing
  • Owning system sequence definition for all machine use cases including error conditions and fault handling
  • Coordinating with hardware, software, and chemistry teams to plan, develop, and perform system verification and qualification of software products
  • Using your preternatural ability to analyze trade-offs in design while evaluating constraints from multiple perspectives.

What we need:

  • At least B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Controls Engineering, Computer Science, (or other related field) higher degree a plus
  • 2+ years of experience implementing real time control systems
  • Demonstrated proficiency using computer languages such as C/C++ and Python
  • Experience with writing firmware
  • Experience designing and debugging hybrid hardware/software systems including design of tests for hardware and software

What we want:

  • Experience in development of automation systems in the life sciences
  • Experience in full product lifecycle development for real-time embedded systems
  • Demonstrated execution developing classical and modern control solutions in real-time embedded systems
  • Experience in fast-paced iterative design and manufacturing environments
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work productively in an interdisciplinary environment

A career at CATALOG will challenge you to work independently, think critically, and conquer new problems in an unexplored and groundbreaking field.