Synthetic Biologist


You will test and optimize biochemical methods for writing and accessing data on DNA. Your typical workflow will revolve around DNA assembly, editing, quantification, and sequencing.


Tasks will include:

  • Experiment design and execution
  • Enzymatic reaction optimization


As an early member of the company, you should be self-motivated and thrive in a changing environment. Ideally, you have worked at very early stage startups in the past and naturally take initiative in solving problems wherever you see them, while communicating readily with the rest of the team. We foster a highly inclusive environment and believe embracing diversity leads to better solutions. 


What you want:

  • To contribute to paradigm shifting work in DNA data storage and DNA computing
  • To be challenged to creatively solve problems alongside a team of equally passionate experts
  • A fast-paced, collaborative, and supportive work environment
  • To work independently and think critically to solve problems in a groundbreaking field


What you’ll be doing:

  • Performing and optimizing protocols that innovate DNA writing, reading, and computing
  • Upholding an almost mythical standard of experimental design and documentation
  • Working in small, cross-disciplinary teams of biologists, engineers, and computer scientists to solve crazy hard problems


What we need:

  • MSc or BSc in biology or a related field plus at least 2 years of experience working in a molecular biology laboratory
  • Expertise with molecular biology protocols and techniques
  • Strong data analysis skills


What we want:

  • Passion for creative problem solving and dedication to scientific rigor
  • Clear interpersonal communication
  • Demonstrated ability to self start and work well on a team
  • A desire for learning


A career at CATALOG will challenge you to work independently, think critically, and conquer new problems in an unexplored and groundbreaking field.