• CATALOG team addition: Dr. Darren Link (CTO)
  • Closed seed round led by NEA
  • Moved into Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab in Boston
  • Upgraded CSO: Nate > Dr. Nate
  • Presented at CUBE Tech Fair 2017 and Pioneers ’17

CATALOG welcomes its new CTO

CATALOG is proud to introduce our new Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Darren Link. Darren is skilled in developing simple solutions for complex fluid handling problems. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and spent time as a post-doctoral researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Prior to joining Catalog, Darren was Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at RainDance Technologies. We look forward to ushering in the age of information storage in DNA with him on board.

We’ve fully closed our seed round in July! NEA led the priced round syndicate, which included OS Fund as a major investor. To meet the milestones that we’ve set for ourselves with the new funding, we’ve chosen the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab in Boston as our new home. Built with generous donations from Judy and Steve Pagliuca, Life Lab opened in November 2016 to house early stage biotech startups with Harvard affiliate founders. We’ll miss you, San Francisco – if you get a chance to visit Boston, make sure you drop us a note!

Congrats to Dr. Roquet!

It has been a busy summer for CATALOG to say the least. Aside from closing the seed round, moving to Boston, and bringing on a new CTO, our CSO Nate completed his PhD! Congratulations, Dr. Roquet!

With invitations to speak on the “Breakthrough Innovations in Digital Health” panel at CUBE Tech Fair 2017 Berlin and “Biotech Masterminds” at Pioneers ’17 Vienna, CATALOG made its debut in Europe.

That all the news we have for you this quarter. Until next time, check out our revamped website and logo.