Introducing CATALOG

Hello world! We are two scientists from MIT with next generation technology to encode digital information into DNA molecules. Our vision is to fit the information content of entire data centers into the palm of your hand. It’s only been a few weeks into our journey, but we have already generated significant interest from all over Silicon Valley. We will keep you updated through bi-monthly newsletters. Stay tuned!

Catalog CEO Hyunjun at the DNA Storage and Hard Drive Panel at SynBioBeta 2016

About the Founders

Nate and Hyunjun at IndieBio

Hyunjun Park (CEO): Former postdoc in Prof. Timothy Lu’s group at MIT, Hyunjun obtained his BS at Seoul National University and PhD at the University of Wisconsin Madison. While in graduate school, Hyunjun worked at the university technology transfer office (WARF) and participated in the Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Bootcamp. Upon coming to Cambridge for his postdoc, he participated in MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service, as well as StartMIT, an intensive training program for startup founders.

Nathaniel Roquet (CTO): Nate is a PhD candidate in the Harvard Biophysics program, conducting his thesis research in Prof Timothy Lu’s lab at MIT. He received his BA in physics from Princeton University. Nathaniel has a deep passion for fostering STEM education, especially with underprivileged or underrepresented youth, participating in various education outreach programs including serving as a teacher/mentor for Science Clubs of Mexico, Science Club for Girls, Citizen Schools, and the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunity program.

We are two weeks into the accelerator program here at IndieBio, in downtown San Francisco. We are currently in the prototyping stage of our platform, which leverages combinatorial enzymatic reactions to encode information onto prefabricated DNA. This technology will make it economically feasible to use DNA as the major storage medium for long-term archival data storage.

Help Us!
We are actively learning about our potential customers and the data storage needs of the world. If you are able to connect us to people who have a need to archive data for long periods, we would love to talk!