Data economy,
meet DNA computing

Conventional computers simply cannot keep pace with modern data creation. CATALOG will use the power of DNA to capture critical insights that otherwise would have been lost.

What is DNA computing?

DNA has been selected by nature to store and compute its most precious data

In nature, information necessary for life to function and survive is stored in DNA. Not only does it serve as the data storage medium of life, it also serves in part as the memory and processor of that data, all in one ultra-dense, stable, form factor. CATALOG is taking a hint from nature and using synthetic DNA to store and compute digital data - the 1’s and 0’s that we are all so familiar with. This way we can take advantage of all of the characteristics of natural DNA that make it such a great data storage and computational medium, while making sure that only biologically inert sequences are ever used. CATALOG’s innovative approach to both storing and computing information in DNA will totally disrupt the economics of data. Imagine what might be possible if the marginal cost of obtaining valuable insights from your data - even from your coldest archives - was negligible. Imagine how the world could change if that was possible without building stadium-sized data centers.


DNA computing will activate big data to capture latent insights

  • Digital signal processing
  • Pattern recognition
  • Database comparisons
  • Solving intractable
    computational problems
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