The next leap in computation: DNA

We began by storing data in synthetic DNA. Now we’re creating a whole new DNA-based computing platform.

“Computational capabilities will be what drive the adoption of DNA-based data platforms.”

Hyunjun Park, CEO of CATALOG

A world-class scientific advisory board

With leaders from industry and academia, our Scientific Advisory Board brings invaluable guidance as we make DNA-based computing commercially viable.

Brenda Dietrick
David Weitz
Meni Wanunu
Anne Condon
Jeffrey Nichols
DNA protein-based life
3.5 BYA

DNA / protein-based life emerges


Erwin Schrodinger postulates the existence of the “code-script of life”


Rosalind Franklin performs critical x-ray crystallography work on the structure of DNA


Leonard Adleman publishes a seminal article on DNA computing


CATALOG is founded

Meet Shannon

CATALOG introduces the world to Shannon, its prototype DNA writer


CATALOG announces DNA computation work at the HPC User Forum

Meet Shannon, CATALOG’s prototype DNA writer

Shannon, CATALOG’s proof-of-concept prototype, uses a technology found in inkjet printers to write massive amounts of data in synthetic DNA. This device marks the beginning of a journey that will result in increasingly more compact and efficient systems for DNA-based computation and storage.

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