Write the next chapter of computing with us

We are building a commercial end-to-end DNA computing platform that will allow humanity to solve computational challenges previously intractable, and tap into insights previously hidden in data.

Who we’re looking for

You are both intellectually rigorous and enthusiastic, with patience and determination.

You work well on your own, collaborate well with others, and willingly share your ideas and hunches.

You deeply understand your area of expertise and how it overlaps with other disciplines.

You want to participate in creating something transformational.


Research Associate or Scientist, Liquid Handling

We are seeking a Research Associate or Scientist with a strong background in developing liquid handling applications. If you are passionate about improving lab processes and enhancing the efficiency of scientific research, we invite you to join our interdisciplinary R&D team.

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Systems Software Engineer

We're seeking a motivated Systems Software Engineer to join our interdisciplinary team. You will design, implement, and maintain robust cloud-based solutions tailored to bioinformatics applications. You will also lead R&D activities for creating innovative, scalable cloud infrastructure for processing large-scale data.

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Software Engineer (R&D - Future Technologies)

We are looking for a motivated Software Engineer with an interest in synthetic biology to join our interdisciplinary team to design novel storage and computing architectures and translate them into scalable read/write operations

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Software Engineer (R&D)

This position entails working on the DNA encoding and decoding pipelines in close collaboration with research, chemistry, and hardware engineering teams.

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Lab Operations Assistant

You will play a key role in maintaining laboratory cleanliness, organization, managing inventory, maintaining equipment, and ensuring adherence to EHS safety training and procedures.

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Scientist, DNA Storage

In this role, you will be building new tools and technologies with molecular biology while optimizing and improving methods for assembling, manipulating, and sequencing DNA

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Head of Software and Systems

We're excited to bring aboard a seasoned Head of Software Engineering with a knack for software architecture, understanding of cloud technologies & tradeoffs, and a zest for innovation, to helm our software endeavors.

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Research Associate or Senior Research Associate, DNA Computing

We are looking for a motivated Scientist with a background in synthetic biology to join our interdisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and computer scientists

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Scientist or Senior Scientists, DNA Computing

In this vital role, you'll contribute to the development of CATALOG’s ground-breaking DNA-based data storage and computation platform.

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Senior Process Engineer

We are seeking a motivated engineer eager to work with our interdisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and computer scientists.

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Software Engineer, R&D - Core Pipeline Optimization

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer with a solid background in design and implementation of high performance algorithms.

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A career at CATALOG will challenge you to conquer new problems in an unexplored field. To do this, we believe in building an inclusive team with different points of view.

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